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General physical training/fitness (7-18 years) – Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 15.00-16.00 or 16.00-17.00. Please be present at least 5 minutes before training so we could start all together.
Kids Weightlifting (7-18 years) – from Monday to Friday 15.00-16.00 or 16.00-17.00. Please be present at least 10 minutes before training.
Kids Club (5-7 years) – Tuesday and Thursday at 17.00-17.40 – physical activity, games etc. – This group will start in the second half of September!
Kids Circuit Training (7-14 years) – Tuesday and Thursday 16.00-16.45 and Saturday 10.00-10.45, easy but challenging training with bodyweight excersises and smaller equipment. – This group will start in the second half of September!

If interested, please contact us by email or by phone 56621936.

On Saturday, 24 September, the new season will open with a bang at A le Coq SPORT in Tartu. The 3rd Vladimir Baškirov Memorial Championships will be taking place and the medals of Tartu City Championships will be awarded.

poster MV Tõstmisest2016

Estonian Youth Championships, 02.04.

We had 7 athletes competing and they came home with 6 medals. Good job!

Alexander Moiseenko 63+78=141kg, -56kg 1st. Snatch, clean and jerk and total U15 Estonian records.
Daniil Masjukov 61+76=137kg, -56kg 2nd
Vladimir Baškirov 56+72=128kg, -69kg 2nd
Džan Baškirov 47+58=105kg, -69kg 4th
Robert Põldoja 84+112=196kg, -94kg 1st
Aleksandr Matišinets 80+108=188kg, -94kg 2nd
Nikita Klevtsov 102+125=227kg, +94kg I koht. Snatch, clean and jerk and total U15 Estonian records.

Our club was the best in teams.

Telšiai 12.03.

Boys went to Lithuania for a weekend to compete in Telšiai. See results below.
2003 and later born:
Alexader Moiseenko 1st with 62+71=133kg. Ner snatch record U15 .56kg.
Vladimir Baškirov, 3rd with 52+70=122kg.
Džan Baškirov, 7th with 46+55=101kg.
1998-2002 born:
Daniil Masjukov, 6th with 58+73=131kg.

95th Estonian Championships, 05.03

Triin 85+105=190kg, +63kg I place
Alexander 60+77=137kg, -56kg I place
Daniil 59+75=134kg, -56kg II place
Robert 92+114=206kg, -94kg 5. place
Aleksandr 82+111=193kg, -94kg
Nikita 101+124=225kg, -105kg
Kaido 127+155=282kg, +105kg I place
Lydon 120+157=277kg, +105kg II place

See protocols here and videos here.

Tartu County open championships, 13.02

Our beginners participated first time in weightlifting competition. See the results below:
Adeliis Karro 17+21=38kg, 4th
Artur Vähk 13+17=30kg, 5th
Rasmus Musta 13+17=30kg, 4th
Albert Zavarzin 22+28=50kg, 2nd
Anders Teder 33+47=80kg, 2nd
Rasmus Joonatan Ujuk 43+55=98kg, 2nd

Triin and Lydon visited Tartu Descartes School and Tartu Raatuse School where they introduced weightlifting to youngsters and kids. They started with warm up, then made exrecises with sticks and braver kids had a chance to lift kids barbell with maximum load of 20kg. From our point of view kids had fun and different physical education lesson than usually. Some of them already managed to come to trainings.
See more pictures from Gallery!

Petrovs Cup, Daugavpils 30.01.

First competition for us this year was held in Daugavpils, Latvia. Seems like training camps went well because many boys made new personal bests or set Estonian records.

Daniil Masjukov 56+69=125kg, – U15 -50kg Estonian record in snatch (56), in clean and jerk (69) and in total (125).
Alexandr Moiseenko 58+74=132kg, – personal bests.
Aleksandr Matišinets 82+110=192kg, – U15 -85kg Estonian records in snatch(79, 82), clean and jerk (105, 110) and total (182, 187, 192).
Nikita Klevtsov 96+122=218kg, – U15 +85kg Estonian records in snatch (96), clean and jerk (118, 122) and total (214, 218).

New year has begun with weightlifting training camp in Abja- Paluoja from 3rd to 9th January. New platforms, blocks and supports were there to be used. From our club there were 5 athletes (Daniil, Alexander, Aleksandr, Nikita, Robert) and Igor Baškirov as a coach with Anatoli Sosnovski.

Big thanks to Ain Põder from Zep Eesti OÜ for organizing this camp!


This years last competiton for us took place in Dobele, Latvia. You can see protocols from here. Our athletes’ results:
Daniil 50+63, 1st place.
Triin 87+101, 2nd place.
Nikita 90+115, 3rd place.

On 5th December we attended Estonian Championships for Teams in Albu. 8 new Estonian records in U15 were made.

Aleksandr Matišinets 75+103=178kg, 103 is a new U15 record in -85kg.
Robert Põldoja 82+105=187kg
Aleksandr Fomkin 63+80=143kg
Nikita Klevtsov 95+117=212kg, 2 new records in snatch, 2 in clean and jerk, 3 in total in U15 +85kg.
Kaido Pantelejev 130+150=280kg

Bronze medal for Estonia!

From 20th to 28th November World Weightlifting Championshops were held in Houston, USA. Yesterday, on 28th November Mart Seim, Estonian best weightlifter (+105kg), was competing for medals. He started snatch with 185kg – first attempt was unsuccessful, second attempt was a good lift, as well as the last one on 190kg. For clean and jerk he ordered 241kg for first attempt, 248kg for second, but unfortunately there was a little problem with standing up, so he had to correct it on last attempt. Last attempt on 248kg was a good lift. So 2nd place for Mart in clean and jerk and 3rd place in total!
Winner with world record comes from Russia, Aleksei Lovchev (211 snatch, 264 c&j and 475kg in total), second place from Georgia, Lasha Talakhadze (207+247=454kg).
Congratulations to Mart and his father!

Also congratulations to Arturs Plesnieks from Latvia, who was competing in mens -105kg and got a bronze medal! 🙂
Mardi autasustamine

On 31st October our athletes participated at competition in Melliste (XXVIII Tartumaa suurmeistrite karikavõistlused). After a long day we can say that the competition was successful and athletes made lot of personal and also Estonian records.
Triin Põdersoo 88+113=201kg
Daniil Masjukov 55+67=122kg
Alexandr Moiseenko 54+66=120kg
Aleksandr Matišinets 77+101=178kg
Robert Põldoja 77+102=179kg
Nikita Klevtsov 91+110=201kg
Triin made new Estonian record in clean and jerk, Daniil and Nikita made new Estonian records in snatch, clean and jerk and in total.
Seems like all the athletes and the coach were satisfied with the results. Best of luck for next time!

Click here for protocol: Võistluse protokolli saad vaadata siit!



On October 3rd our athletes participated at XXIII Arnold Luhaäär’s Memorial Championships in Mõisaküla.


Daniil Masjukov – 1st Place, 113kg (51+62), new Estonian U15 records in snatch and total in bw category -50kg.

Alexander Moiseenko –  1st Place, 113kg (51+62)

Aleksander Fomkin – 2nd Place, 137kg (58+79)

Robert Põldoja – 2nd Place, 178kg (78+100)

Nikita Klevtsov – 1st Place, 193kg (90+103), new Estonian U15 records in snatch (+3kg) and in total (+1kg) in bw category over 85kg.


New training time for beginners!

Tuesday 4PM-5PM

Thursday 6.30PM-7.30PM

Saturday 10AM-11AM

Trainings take place at A le Coq SPORT in Tartu, Ihaste tee 7.

SK Jõud Junior says big thank you to all who supported and helped to organize V. Baškirov Memorial Championships. Main sponsor Madix Teritus OÜ Nadežda Masjukova. Sponsors: Gerli Pärnpuu AS Olerex, Karin Koppel A Le Coq õlletehas, Antero Laas, Vassili Makarov K-Rauta, photograph Maria Kilk. Mikk Meerents ja team for the video. Risto Mets from Tartu Postimees for media expression.

Special thanks goes to all the people who helped to prepare the field of play and  to carry out the competition: Sergei Baškirov, Gennadi Baškirov, Andrei Jevdokimenko, Aleksander Ajupov, Nikolai Vorobjov, Riho Kägo, Kaspar Parm, Erik Pungar, Lydon Mürgimäe, Märt Laus, Triin Põdersoo, Reelika Põdersoo, Taimu Viir, Ain Põder, Martin Lind.

Director of the competition

Igor Baškirov

Click here for the gallery! videos are here!

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On Saturday, 19 September, the new season will open with a bang at A le Coq SPORT in Tartu. The 2nd Vladimir Baškirov Memorial Championships will be taking place and the medals of Tartu City Championships will be awarded.

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